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History of the Unknown Souljah

Around the turn of the century Unknown Souljah was created by a group of young adventures on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. These travelers hailed from different countries & cultures yet where bonded by a shared passion for surfing, skateboarding, nature and playing music. They set up camp in the jungles of Bathsheba over looking the vast Atlantic Ocean. There they cooked food on an open fire, studied the ancient arts, surfed the powerful reef break know as “Soup Bowls” and reasoned on the meaning of life under the stars. Over time locals began to whisper saying there where Unknown SoulJahs living in the bush. The name Unknown SoulJah truly represented what we stood for doing what we loved to improve our skills, to be the best we could be even though we were unknown. We honed our skills in alternative sports, arts & music without the need for accolades.

After some months past it came time for the Unknown SoulJah’s to go there own ways but the bond and friendship remained for ever. We all agreed to spread the vibe of Unknown SouJah were ever our travels took us.

Over the years Unknown SoulJah has transmuted from a pure living style into a clothing company & music label that creats products for individuals with alternative minded lifestyles. Sponsoring athletes, artist and musicians, Unknown Souljah has tried to spread the unique message learned so many years ago in the Jungles of Barbados. USJ goal is to provided Music, Clothing & Lifestyle products to all those who love what they do for the joy of doing it. To be the best you can be no matter if your known or unknown, you’ll always be a SoulJah.

At the present we are excited to announce our newest product in the Unknown SoulJah catalogue, CBD vape oil. Its our hope that our CBD vape oil collection will bring healing & relaxation to all those in need. Our products have been lab tested and only meet the highest standards.

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